Thursday, 4 June 2020

How To Earn An Income Being A Housewife

Our life as housewives can be awesome as we get lots of free time and do not have a boss on our back to pressure us to do good job and all that stuffs. But being a housewife can also be boring. We wake up early in the morning, prepare breakfasts for husband and children. Help them get prepared for work and school. When they are gone for the day, we start with the house chores - doing the beds, cleaning the floor, washing the dishes, doing laundry and so on. After these chores which sometimes don't take all day, what we do of the free time? Watching TV, reading a book, playing on mobile phone, net surfing, social media, if we have young children spending time with them? Things can be a lot more fun and lucrative.

I am Stephanie, I am married to an awesome man and have a lovely little boy. I am a housewife since the birth of my son about four years ago. I worked as an accounting assistant in a distribution company for 9 years. The decision to quit my regular job was not easy but was needed.

Here we are given about three months of maternity leave. When the leave ended, the eve that I should have gone back to work, the babysitter announced us that she will not be available to take care of my son. I got back to work the day I was supposed, only to resign from work. At that time my husband was a sales manager in another distribution company and had a good monthly paycheck, so we decided that I will stay at home taking care of this little being. 

My life as a housewife started, I was so excited to stay at home, no more bosses on my back, I was free, my only priorities was my home, my husband and my child. 

But, my excitement was turned to nightmare two years later. My husband lost his job due to staff redundancy. We felt as if our world was broken. We had lot of debts. One year before that, we took a loan to build our house on the lot of land that we bought before our wedding. We took some credits to buy the sanitary etc. We did not know what to do. We lived for sometimes on the last paycheck and grants that my husband got as indemnity but that did not last long.

My husband got another job in the neighborhood, but the business' owner abuse on his knowledge in the distribution industry and did not give him his paychecks for three months.

As if it was not enough, my mother passed away from cancer during these three months. As if she did it on purpose, she left us some life insurance claims and we bought a car with them as we did not own one as my husband was given company cars when he was still working.

My husband used the car to start his own business and till now he is a self-employed. As I am still a housewife, living on his ROI is not quite easy, we need to do a lot of sacrifices but what is more important is food and good health.

Watching my husband going to work at 5 a.m and returning back home at 9 p.m everyday without offs, make my heart aches as he is working so hard for us and me I am at home relaxing, doing nothing to help him financially. This is how being a housewife became boring and unbearable for me.

I searched for some work from home job on the internet. I got some, only to find out after one month doing the job that I will never be paid. I went through Youtube videos and find some mobile games that pay you when you reach a certain threshold. The youtubers did some live withdrawals to show that the applications were legit, but I don't know why I had never been paid.

All these searching took more than one year, until when looking on social media I came across a post where someone was looking for work from home job. I went through the comments and was attracted by one of them. I clicked on the link and since then I do not regret joining the company or I should say this community of entrepreneur.

I am no expert in network marketing. I am a very beginner and am learning to improve in that industry. What I like with the company is that they give you the continuous training and motivation that you need. They provide all the necessary material to start working, that is, personalized websites, banners and all the advertising materials to help you grow your online business.

You are free to bring your business as you wish, you are your own boss. What's cool is that it's free to join and all the work can be made for free, but like regular businesses it needs the necessary time and efforts to get set up and be stable. And you can do it whatever your educational background or your age, as long as you are over 18 years old. It can also be ideal for retirees.

The company is in business since 1998 and is not only a business but also a big family where each member, through the inbound forum, interact with each other daily and are ready to help you with your business. They share some tips on what works for their business and give some advices. 

I am quite new in this company but I see its potential as long as you work and take action to reach success. The proofs that I got are from the veteran members who are there for nearly two decades.

Network marketing is not a get rich quick scheme, it is like a franchise that you need to advertise to be known and attract customers. So, that's why I chose to share this part of my life with other housewives who may want or are looking for things to do during their free time. 

The beauty of this business is that you can do it part-time or full-time as you wish. Ideal for housewives. After taking care of the husband and children, of the household chores, while watching TV why not monetized our free time. 

For me it will be a relief for my husband as he has sciatica problem, he will be able to work less time, for those who are in the same situation as me, it will help you cope with the financial issues and for others it will be a lucrative "hobby", meeting other people and being an entrepreneur managing our OWN online business.

To learn more about the company and what are the benefits it offers click HERE

Friday, 3 April 2020

How Reading Can Improve Your Lifestyle And Make You Rich

I am really fond of reading. I can spend my entire day just reading. Reading brings you to another world, make you travel the world in just some hours or days. My favorite categories are thrillers and detective stories. But recently, I decided to change categories and use my love for reading to improve my life.

My love for reading started when I was 11 years old. The teacher asked us to bring from home story books to build our classroom library. We borrowed one or two books each Friday for a week and exchange them on the following Fridays. I liked this activity so much that I asked my parents to subscribe me for a membership in all libraries in my location area.

I stopped the memberships when I got married as I lived far from the libraries location. I had to find an alternative as I lived far from the main town where the libraries are located. Internet was my only solution and I found out that it is a real gold mine.

Recently, when looking for some books, I came across some self-improvement books. As being an at home mom and having lot of free time, I told to myself, "Why not using my passion to increase my knowledge and use it to improve my family lifestyle?". It was one of the best idea I ever made in my life.

What I discovered through these books changed my mindset and my way to look at things. It opened my eyes on the reality of life, on how things really work and that are hidden to small people. Some secrets that I wished I had discovered years ago, my life would have been better since long. Anyway, better now than never, I can prepare my son's future on a good ground.

For me knowledge was linked to courses, school and all that intellectual stuffs. I am not an intellectual, I don't have a professional skill and did not go to college. I only have a passion and that passion allowed me to discover how to do business, how to manage finances and improve my life.

So, whoever you are, whatever your academic background, you deserve better in life. Even though you don't have a big budget, you still can improve your lifestyle and even become rich, if you do things right.

"Reading is Knowledge, Knowledge is Power"

If you are curious about the books I read, I listed them below. They are really worthy and no waste of time.
  • Dotcom Secret by Russel Brunson (free book, just need to cover shipping cost)
  • Expert Secret by Russel Brunson (free book, just need to cover shipping cost)
  • Traffic Secret by Russel Brunson (free book, just need to cover shipping cost. Just been launched and will be shipped as from the 5th of May 2020)
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki
  • Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

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Good Reading and stay safe during this worldwide outbreak!!